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Your intercooler is an intake air cooling mechanism that?s commonly used on vehicles with turbochargers and superchargers. When the turbo/supercharger compresses the air, it gets hotter and less dense. The intercooler reduces the heat of the air that?s being compressed by the turbo/supercharger and sends this cooled down, less dense, air into the engine. Cooling down this air makes it more oxygen rich, allowing for more fuel to be burned, thereby improving combustion and giving you more power. The intercooler also sends a more consistent temperature of intake air to the engine helping to maintain a safer and steadier air-fuel ratio increasing reliability. carries a huge selection of parts to upgrade and maintain your intercooler. From couplers, silicone hoses and flanges, we have all the replacement parts for your Euro sport vehicle. We also carry a variety of replacement performance intercoolers that will help you get your vehicle tuned and ready for the track. EuroSport Tuning carries all the X3 performance parts from the best aftermarket manufacturers on the planet. We offer wholesale pricing with lightning fast shipping, so you always know you?re getting the best deal on the best parts. Shop our huge inventory now!

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